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Stiff new late filing penalties

HMRC have released more information surrounding the new penalty scheme for late delivery of self assessment tax returns for 2010/11. They have been keeping this relatively quiet and I am not surprised one bit. The new penalty regime starts from April 2011 and could mean a late tax return filed 6 months late might attract …read more

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A budget for small business?

As a whole, Budget 2011 wasn’t a big disaster for small business.  In fact, there were a few encouraging signs and allowances given. Personal Allowance Will be increased by £630 to £8,105 in 2012/2013.  This is on top of the increase in 2011/2012 from £6,475 to £7,475.  Meaning that employees and (more importantly) directors will …read more

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Tax Refund Scam

An email I received this morning confirming a nice tax refund is due…… Be warned these emails seem to be doing the round at the moment.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you are eligible for a refund as HMRC will never email you regarding this.  This is a scam and all you will do is …read more

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New HMRC records checks are flawed

Let’s face it.  A small business simply doesn’t have bookkeeping at the top of their priorities.  In this financial climate, making a decent enough living is a hard enough in any business.  HMRC just doesn’t realise this – or if they do then it’s a below the belt hit to businesses at a time when …read more

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